The Durability of Titanium Jewelry

The Durability of Titanium Jewelry

While silver, platinum and gold have always been the traditional choice for fine jewelry, titanium has been making its way into the spotlight. Titanium is great for people who experience allergic reactions to other types of metals, they’re extremely durable, lightweight and much more affordable than other metals. Titanium metal is very comfortable for its wearers and is a very attractive alternative to the more expensive gold, silver and platinum options.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a jewelry piece with titanium is that it does not rust or lose its color over the years. The durability is a huge plus for somebody who puts wear and tear onto the jeweler. Titanium is scratch resistant and its shine is very easy to maintain. It is also 100% hypoallergenic and will never cause an irritation such as rashes or discolorations. Titanium is used for everything from aircraft manufacturing to stylish rings, so there is a large variety in the grade of the medal. Jewelry is made with a lesser grade but is still one of the strongest types of metal and can keep its shapes better than other metals used for creating rings.

Titanium can be used for a large variety of occasions. Wedding and engagement rings created from this strong metal are becoming increasingly popular because of its 100% hypoallergenic material, durability and affordable price. Basic designs of rings can be bought for as low a $70, rather than spending over $150 on silver. The hard metal can also be engraved, adding a little personalization to the design. Many men prefer titanium to traditional jewelry because of masculine look and it can come in a range of colors, including black.

Silver, gold and platinum watches can be very expensive, especially when they have an intricate design. Since titanium is so strong, it is much easier for designers to create intricate lines and such, making them more customizable than other metals. Many people are making the choice to purchase a titanium watch because of their durability and the wide variety in designs.

Purchasing jewelry made of titanium ensures that you will have a high-quality piece which will last for years to come. Titanium is a very attractive metal that looks good and can be obtained by practically everyone because of its affordability. When shopping for your next piece, consider purchasing titanium for its durability, affordable, 100% hypoallergenic and lightweight design.

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